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At a reception on May 31, 2024, members gathered to congratulate winners of this year’s education awards. Top row,  left to right:  Bryanne Rochon, Algonquin College, Social Service Worker; Ivanna Pylypenko, University of Ottawa, Computer Science; Abigail Flinn, St. Lawrence College, Fitness and Health Promotion; Mia Trudel, Nipissing University, Nursing.  Bottom row, left to right:  Sienna Geissler, Guelph University, Creative Writing; Chloe Clair, Queen’s University, Concurrent Bachelor of Education; Penny Patterson, Queen’s University, Concurrent Bachelor of Education; Jade Van Klei, Queen’s University, Concurrent Bachelor of Education. Missing:  Olivia Bourque-Derochie, University of Western Ontario, Speech-Language Pathology.

Our award recipients keep us informed about their experiences as they pursue post-secondary education.   Here are some of their updates.

From Nikki, studying Forensic Science at Trent University

My first semester went fairly well overall and did get challenging during some points but I managed to push through. It was a big change from high school, especially with moving away. Thank you for checking in and thank you again for the award!

From Olivia, studying Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Western Ontario

First semester was a big adjustment from undergrad as we have several more courses and responsibilities. That being said, it was definitely rewarding and I am grateful to be a part of this program. We have officially started semester two and I am completing my first placement this semester. I am nervous for it but I am also very excited as it will be such an amazing learning experience and will provide me the opportunity to apply what I have been learning from class and take a stab at things while being provided with lots of feedback. Thank you again for the bursary, it has greatly helped.

From Leah, studying Criminology at Trent University

School is going amazing! I'm happy to report that I have maintained an 80% average after finals. Exams were stressful, but with lots of study days, I pulled through! I've also continued to stay involved in my community, and I am secretary on the Residence Council for my college. My classes have been challenging, but I have learned so much new information. I'm currently on break for the winter, and I'm so excited to start my new classes! I am so grateful to all of you for helping me get here, thank you again! Hope everything has been well with all of you, and I'll be sure to keep you updated as the year goes on! 

From Makayla, studying in the Veterinary Technician program at Northern College

I ended this semester with an overall GPA of 3.39. My best yet! I plan on making it better for next semester!  Overall, this semester was busy but fun. We had so many more practical classes which I enjoyed. Radiology is by far my favourite class! I am doing my placement at Blueberry Creek Veterinary Hospital for the month of April. This past Monday I met with them, and they all seem so nice and eager for me to learn which makes me feel very welcomed. 

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