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ZOOM Talk: Period Poverty in Canada: Advocating for Equity

Did you know that one in three Canadian women struggles to afford menstrual products?

Join our February 27th general meeting and hear from Carley Stewart of The Period Purse as she explains the organization's goals of reducing the stigma of menstruation through education and fundraising to provide free menstrual products to all in need to end period poverty.

The Period Purse works to educate Canadians that menstrual equity means free period products in all bathrooms for all menstruators. Toilet paper and soap are free, why not period products?

Please RSVP to this event (link below) to receive your pre-registration link for our ZOOM presentation. Registration is free and open to the public.

Carley's talk is the headliner in CFUW Perth & District's MiniDrive to collect menstrual products for the women of Lanark County.


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