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Environment Activites

CFUW Perth and District has advocated for clean air and clean water, both locally and globally.


The club regularly invites speakers who inform us about issues ranging from food security to Lyme disease.


Club members have advocated successfully for the anti-idling bylaw in the Town of Perth, improvements to the quality of local waterways, and support for local food production.


We have donated funds to the Guatemala Stove Project to support their work to provide healthier, cleaner air and better health.


Saving the Turtles

Turtles are one of the most endangered groups of species in Canada. Turtles face many threats including the loss of wetlands, road mortality, and high rates of nest predation.


On April 25, David Seburn, freshwater turtle specialist with the Canadian Wildlife Federation addressed CFUW Perth & District and spoke to:

  • which species of turtles we have in eastern Ontario,

  • why turtles are so at risk,

  • what the Canadian Wildlife Federation is doing for turtle conservation, and

  • how everyone can help the turtles.

Environmental Action Award

We are thrilled to receive the very first Carolyn Day** Award for Environmental Action at the CFUW Ontario Council AGM.


This award recognizes the work of CFUW Perth and District and its Environment Committee who organized two screenings of the climate change documentary, Anote’s Ark. In celebration of Earth Day, the committee screened the film to students at Perth District Collegiate Institute, along with a panel discussion on local impacts of climate change and a teacher resources package to engage students in discussion and activities about climate change.


We then screened the film to CFUW members and the public, to raise awareness about climate change and stimulate conversation and action at the local level.

** For those of you who did not know Carolyn Day, her concern about the environment had started with water problems in Walkerton, just a few miles from her home in Southampton. That passion led her to helping CFUW Ontario Council writemultiple briefs and letters.

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