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As members of The Canadian Federation of University Women, we believe in the power of women working together.  

Our organization encourages its members to use their expertise to bring about positive change

in the lives of women and girls, and in the broader society.


Advocacy has been an integral part of CFUW since its inception in 1919, and the organization has played a significant role in working for social change, with an emphasis on women's issues.

An Ontario-wide survey of clubs in 2019 identified the following significant concerns:  health care, long term care; climate change; poverty, especially child poverty; affordable housing and homelessness; education and schools; early learning and child care; gender-based violence.


CFUW encourages its members to use their expertise to bring about change, with particular reference to our national priorities on violence against women and girls, Indigenous peoples’ rights, early learning and child care, long-term care, and climate change.

2021 policies adopted include urging:

  • the Government of Canada to ban the use of single-use plastics 

  • the creation of "Right to Repair" legislation, including a minimum five-year warranty on parts and labour, making the repair of large household appliances used in Canada easier, in an effort to reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs

  • recognition of the Opioid crisis and introducing measures to address the problem, including evidence-based decriminalization of drugs for personal use, improving training for first responders, establishing a cross-Canada electronic prescription drug registry

  • all levels of government to develop and fund a comprehensive Post-Pandemic(s) Socioeconomic Recovery Plan(s) including specific interventions to address the disparate effect of pandemics on the lives of women in Canada and abroad.

Perth and District is currently developing a resolution to urge governments to recognize and resource treatment of chronic Lyme disease.  Learn more about the issue here.

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