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Education Awards

Recognizing that post-secondary education is a powerful tool for raising the status of women, CFUW Perth and District allots a significant portion of the funds raised in our community to Education Awards. These awards offer financial assistance to deserving individuals who identify as female and non-binary who are pursuing post-secondary education in a publicly funded institution. Awards are available to individuals who are just graduating from secondary school and to mature individuals seeking to upgrade their skills or change careers. Priority is given to those applicants who demonstrate financial need.
In 2023, eight awards were given out.

Read more about the recipients.

Olivia, Speech-Language Pathology, Western University

We have officially started semester two and I am completing my first placement this semester. I am nervous for it but I am also very excited as it will be such an amazing learning experience and will provide me the opportunity to apply what I have been learning from class. Thank you again for the bursary, it has greatly helped.

Jade, Philosophy, University of Toronto

I have learned so much already and it is only the first half of my first year! I must thank you all again for being able to assist me in pursuing my academic goals and giving me a wonderful collection of women to inspire me to continue on in my journey.

Leah, Criminology, Trent University

My classes have been challenging, but I have learned so much new information. Peterborough is a beautiful place, and living on campus has been lots of fun. I'm currently on break for the winter, but I'm so excited to start my new classes! I am so grateful to all of you for helping me get here, thank you again! 

Since 1999, CFUW Perth & District has awarded $240,275 in Education Awards to 195 women who have demonstrated financial need and readiness to succeed in college or university.

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