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CFUW has a new look!


In 2024 CFUW launched a new brand, and along with that brand made the decision to move forward with just using the acronym “CFUW” to represent the club. Following a two-year consultation with clubs across the country, the branding removes the historic name “Canadian Federation of University Women”, changed the website, logo and colour scheme and introduced a new tagline “Realizing potential. For all women. Le pouvoir par le savoir”. 

By removing the focus on the word “university,” this decision aims to be more inclusive, reflecting the fact that a university degree is not required to be a welcomed and equal member of the organization. At the same time, continuing to use our acronym maintains and honours CFUW’s rich historical legacy

The new look and what it means to CFUW

An Opening Book: a foundation in learning and education- open and expanding.

Unfolding Pages: a long history with many achievements- diversity of members- a mosaic- lotus flower.

Center Flame: lamp of learning- legacy brand- lighting the way upward and forward.

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