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Where Can I Find Information on Growing Native Plants?

A Cultivated Art is one of the best sources for information on growing native plants as well as an excellent source for small native plant seedlings. They also have lots of great YouTube videos on growing native plants and how to use winter sewing to grow your own plants from seed.

The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada. Butterflyway Rangers help make their communities greener and healthier, one fun planting project and community event at a time. They create opportunities, connect people and champion ideas.

If you want some ideas about planting native plants in and around your vegetable garden, Blooming Boulevard is a wealth of information on the advantages of mixing native pollinator plants in with your veggies.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has a Wildlife-friendly Gardening Guide and you can also have your native garden certified baby CWF.

Pollinator Partnership Canada’s Pollinator Stewardship CertificationPollinator Partnership Canada (P2C) is a registered charity dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research.

Homegrown National Park® is a grassroots call-to-action, in the United States, to regenerate biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks. Their program has soured the native plant movement that has grown very quickly across North America.


Where Can I Buy Native Plants?

There are a rapidly growing number of native plant nurseries in Ontario. We strongly encourage buying your native plants from a nursery within a few hundred km of where you life, if possible. This maximizes the likelihood of purchases plants which are already adapted to your local climate, growing conditions and your local pollinators.

Loblaws/Independent have also started selling native plants. Ontario Native Plants is one of the few suppliers who will ship your plants to you from their greenhouses in Southern Ontario. Dropseed Nursery is a new native plant nursery opening in Prince Edward County in spring 2024. Beaux Arbres in Bristol, Quebec near Ottawa and Naturaide near Winchester, Ontario are also worth a drive to visit.

Trinkets and Thyme in Embrun, Ontario also has a good selection.

Pollinator Garden Resources

Herb Plants


We are challenging CFUW members and the community of Perth and surrounding townships to take up our challenge to plant your very own native plant garden. It doesn’t have to be big. Even a 2’ x 2’ garden will have benefits. Plant your garden with native plants and upload a photo of your garden.

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