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Poverty: It can hide but it affects everyone!

As you stroll down the street in Lanark, or walk through the local grocery store, count the first seven people you see. In all likelihood one of these people lives with food insecurity and possibly even homelessness! One in seven people in Lanark lives in poverty! This is just one of the findings of a year-long, in-depth report conducted by the Social Justice Committee of CFUW Perth & District. The results of the Poverty Report may surprise you.

We are all aware of the impact that increasing costs of food, goods and services, combined with the lack of affordable housing, is having on our communities. Many government reports acknowledge that poverty is one of the biggest burdens on the economic, healthcare, and criminal justice system, creating a cascading effect on the liveability of many of our neighbourhoods; a difficult situation to overcome.

The Social Justice Committee hopes that by sharing the Poverty Report, they can both raise awareness and contribute to the discussion on developing strategies to overcome local poverty and its effects on all our lives. They invite you to become part of the solution to this often hidden problem.

We look forward to seeing you at CFUW’s next General Meeting on Monday, November 20, at the Royal Canadian Legion, 26 Beckwith Street E in Perth. Our doors open at 6:30; the presentation starts at 6:45 and will be 45 minutes with audience questions after.


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