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Collaborating for Our Climate: Butterflyway Project

The David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project takes flight again this year! The aim of this Canada-wide project is to encourage the planting of native wildflowers that support local bees and butterflies in communities throughout the country. Insects are in decline and every patch of wildflowers, big and small, can help bring them back!

Perth has two Butterflyway Rangers, Clara Misener and Jeela Jones. Clara is a Perth & District High School (PDCI) student who kicked off the Butterflyway Project in Perth last year. Due to her vision and efforts, the Town has several pollinator gardens, including one at Stewart Park. Jeela joined as a Ranger this year. She is an avid gardener whose garden has been recognized as a Monarch Waystation. Gradually she is switching her two-acres of land over to habitat for pollinators.

Both Clara and Jeela are working closely with a group of young women who are active with the Youth for Climate Action | Lanark Climate Network. Their signature initiative is the Lanark Pollinator Walkways - a map of the many pollinator-friendly areas in Lanark County. For this project, they are looking for your help identifying 10 locations to add to the map. If you have planted a garden made with butterflies and bees in mind, or know of someone who has, then please consider contributing to our map!

Submitted by Jeela Jones, Butterflyway Project



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