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Separating the Women from the Girls!

“There is no question that defense is the most difficult aspect of playing bridge. Many players become adequate bidders by simply memorizing the point count for various bids; others find that playing a dummy becomes easy with practice. But defense is a matter of logic and thus separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.” Eddie Kantar 1969

If you understand this quote, then the CFUW Perth and District Bridge Fundraiser is for you! All bridge players are invited to this fundraiser featuring Cille and Rob Harris, certified bridge teachers and ACBL Silver Life Masters. Defensive Play will be the focus of this workshop. A similar event was held earlier in the year with Cille and Rob, and it was a resounding success.

Players will enjoy structured lessons on defensive play in the morning, and social bridge to practice new skills in the afternoon. Cille and Rob will be available to answer questions. As with most CFUW Perth and District events, food will be served with lunch, and two coffee breaks.

To register, e-transfer $45.00 to Include your name and e-mail address in comments section!

All proceeds support CFUW Perth & District Education Awards.


9am - 3:30pm

Perth Legion

26 Beckwith St. E. Perth



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