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ZOOM Talk: Experiences of Muslim Women in Canada

Join us January 16, 2023 via ZOOM and hear an inspiring talk by Canadian author Saima Hussain in her talk about the role of women, marriage and the family, interpreting Islam, and Islamophobia and tolerance.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Saima holds an MA in South Asian Studies from the University of Toronto and an MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. She is the author of “The Muslimah Who Fell to Earth: Personal Stories by Canadian Muslim Women” (2016) and “The Arab World Thought of It: Inventions, Innovations and Amazing Facts” (2013). Saima is a librarian in the public library system and continues her involvement in arts and community projects.

Her talk will highlight stories that break through typical stereotypes, stories told by women from practically all backgrounds and persuasions—devout and not-so devout, professionals and housewives, westernized and traditional, wearing jeans, hijab, or niqab, straight and gay, and originally from Africa, North America, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia—revealing in their own ways what it means to them to be a Muslim woman (a “Muslimah”)

Pre-registration is required. Click the "REGISTER NOW" button to receive your ZOOM invitation.


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